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EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE (EIQ) People with high emotional intelligence tend to be more successful in life than those with lower EIQ - even with higher IQ scores. The Emotional Intelligence Test evaluates several aspects of a person's emotional intelligence and will suggest ways to improve it. The Emotional Intelligence Test assesses the ability to understand sentiments in oneself and to handle one’s feelings in a productive manner, as well as the ability to understand what it takes to motivate oneself.


This IQ Test measures several factors of intelligence, namely logical reasoning, math skills, language abilities, spatial relations skills, knowledge retained and the ability to problem solve. Hire smart and hire the best.
Results include an interpretation for:

  • Crystallized Intelligence: Includes Vocabulary, Analogies, Arithmetic, and Graphs/Chart reading.

  • Fluid Intelligence: Includes Matrices, 2D-3D images, Arguments and Puzzle.


Several years ago a number of our healthcare clients approached us with a special request. “As you know, it takes a very special person, with very special qualities, to be a caregiver. We need a selection tool that focuses on those behavioral qualities that make it easier to determine who is the “Ideal Caregiver.” This tool measures in several areas including Interpersonal Skills, work abilities and work attitude. A caregiver with the right qualities does a better job, improves patient care, remains engaged and stays in position for a longer period of time.


Is your current employee or candidate a liability? Are they accident prone or assiduous? Assess whether an individual's attitude and behavior behind the wheel could be problematic.

Results include interpretation of:

  • Road Rage: Assesses the tendency to behave aggressively or lose one's temper while driving.

  • General Driving Knowledge: Assesses basic knowledge of road rules and driving conditions.

  • Courtesy: Evaluates whether test-taker is a considerate driver and possesses "driving manners".

Conscientiousness: Assesses attitude towards road safety.


A career in Customer Service is not for everyone. It requires strong people skills and the ability to adapt well to stress. This Test will assess whether the personality traits and skills a person possesses match those required to work in this field.

Results include an interpretation for:

  • Soft Skills: Assesses a person's ability to effectively get along, and deal with, customers.

  • Psychological Strength: Ability to cope with the ups and downs that are common in customer service, whether it’s stress or difficult customers.

  • Work Habits: Assesses the manner in which candidates conduct themselves in the workplace, and their ability to complete tasks in a productive, thorough, and efficient manner.

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