Meet our Experts

Bill Wagner, CEO, CSP and Certified EOS Implementer
Author of “The Entrepreneur Next Door”

Bill thrives in the savvy business climate of visionaries. He understands the realities of the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. He authored "The Entrepreneur Next Door" with a heartfelt desire to make the execution of business easier for leaders at all levels.

A highly regarded entrepreneur at the forefront of organizational understanding, Bill is an expert in discerning "how to" utilize behavioral metrics to measure the people side of business, 
improving employee and executive

His corporate background is in sales and leadership with companies such as Xerox and PepsiCo, and has led several entrepreneurial endeavors. He is a top-rated certified national public speaker and creates buzz and "ahaas" whenever he presents.

He has the gravitas to effectively consult at all levels with an organization. He possesses the ability to "thin slice" issues and distill insights thereby turning leaders into their own organizational therapists. His passion is helping executives address the gap that exists between the dream and the execution.

He rigorously pursues his own professional development by participating in conferences, seminars and executive educational groups.

Kimberly Casten
Senior Project Manager

Kimberly Caputo is the glue that holds accord together. She has been with Accord for 5+ years.

She works closely with the organizational team to execute the systems for behavioral assessments, leadership development and employee engagement projects. She is an advanced interpreter of job-fit analysis, leadership development 360's, and customizing engagement studies.

She understands that the optimal choice for many businesses is an integrated approach to human resources. Therefore, Kimberly spends the majority of her time helping prospects and clients determine how to get the most out of ACCORD's tools.

She is highly customer service oriented and is an excellent trainer of product use. Kimberly has BA in Business Administration from California State Northridge.

Rebecca Wagner

Rebecca Wagner has a BA from Bard College in upstate NY. She grew up in a family full of psychologists, doctors, and entrepreneurs. Thus, she is very familiar with psychometric tools, first as a guinea pig, then a student, now a purveyor.

While in college she studied music composition, psychology, and medicine. Her liberal arts background gives her a wide ability to problem solve, think creatively, and execute competitively.

After an impressive early graduation, Rebecca has been earning her sales stripes, gaining knowledge from the energy sector. Rebecca is passionate and committed to her clients, working endlessly to create opportunities that will solve business problems.