Personality Types


While there are two broad personality categories, Generalist and Specialist, we also break personality down further. Four are Generalist, including the Trailblazer, Go-Getter, Manager and the Motivator, while three are Specialist, including the Authorities, Collaborators and Diplomats.

Trailblazers are Generalists who are very competitive, ambitious and goal-oriented; so much so that they have a tendency to be aggressive and sometimes take a steamroller approach. They are restless and energetic, a strong drive and a sense of urgency, regardless of the task at hand. They tend to have two speeds: fast and faster. Independent persistent, and decisive, they are not happy unless they're in charge. Most Trailblazers are logical, analytical, practical and realistic. They tend to base decisions on facts rather than feelings, and are calculated risk-takers. In general, trailblazers are the people who like to start businesses rather than run them. They are usually better leaders than managers, and need to surround themselves with others who can manage the people side of the business. They are not the type who would buy a franchise. Instead, they would set up their own to compete with franchises.


Go-Getters are Generalists with a higher-than-average level of both dominance and sociability. While they are also very driven, independent, and competitive, their drive to succeed is sometimes tempered by their interest in and concern for others. Go-Getters represent the largest percentage of business founders. They have a natural style that lends itself for managing and leading both process and people.
Since Go-Getters are good leaders and managers, they work well in ambitious yet ambiguous environments. They can invest in, buy or start a business that is totally new, and still make a go of it. They do not need to be an expert in the field to do well. They are good collaborators and learn as they go.


Managers are dominant and independent Generalists. They are very goal-oriented and can be quite analytical, focusing more on the process and outcomes than on people. They often look at people as a vehicle for helping them accomplish their goals. Consequently, they sometimes disregard or overlook the people part of the equation or inadvertently offend people with their straightforward style of communication.

Managers have a higher than average level of relaxation and know that some projects simply take more time to complete and some goals take longer to achieve than others. They're loyal, sometimes to a fault. When they are in positions of authority, they look at their employees as an extension of their family. They do not like making snap decisions and hate being swayed by emotional argument. They can make salespeople crazy because they are more interested in the bottom line than with visiting, but can deal well with customers, especially repeat customers, and therefore, will probably be great at growing a business.

As you might expect, managers can make good multi unit franchise owners. They are great behind-the-scenes leaders, and like working with systems, concepts, ideas, and technologies. They are often great at competitive technical selling because they enjoy overcoming rejection and achieving goals despite obstacles. While they enjoy working by themselves, managing others can be a challenge, so they need to hire employees who are better at listening and working well with others.


Motivators are Generalists with a high level of sociability, an above-average level of dominance, drive, and independence. This gives them the ability to work quite well under pressure and in autonomous situations. It also means that they are great consensus builders, good collaborators, and drivers of change. Just like the title, they are the consummate motivator where they do well working by, with, and through others. Their glass is always more than half full.

Like managers, motivators can make excellent franchise owners. They do well in almost any business that involves people, as long as it is a non-confrontational environment. They can be convincing and yet may avoid most confrontations by creating strong emotional arguments. Motivators do well in tough customer service situations because they can see both sides of an argument. Motivators typically excel at leadership and sales, and do well in a business with partners or in a business that involves others. They are particularly adept at nurturing clients and keeping them for long periods of time.


Authorities are the backbone of our society. They are Specialists who are the loyal workers who make our world work. They make our products, service our systems, and always do it right. Authorities may not always be the founders of a business, but they often make excellent distributors, franchisees or owners of an existing business. They can do very well purchasing an on-going business.

Authorities are detail and tactically oriented, and are motivated by doing things one way -- the right way. They are very conscientious and cooperative, and follow rules, procedures, and policies carefully. Very thorough with details, they are cautious, deliberate, logical, and analytical. They make decisions based upon facts and figures, rather than on emotions or gut reactions. They are also relaxed, patient, and accommodating by nature, and are great team players who tend to avoid confrontation.

While Authorities can do great in business, they do best when they run the operations and have a partner who handles sales and marketing. Because they have a good ability to follow directions, they can even be a good franchise owner, especially if they have a good blueprint for sales and marketing.


Collaborators are Authorities who have a personality gift called sociability. While Authorities frequently are introverts, Collaborators are all about the people side of the business. When owning a business, Collaborators frequently benefit from having a partner who is more aggressive about developing new business. Collaborators are not usually comfortable with cold-calling or pitching new ideas. They like to follow prescribed rules and guidelines.

Collaborators excel at running customer service-oriented or retail businesses or operations, or any business where being convincing is an important aspect of getting the job done and done right. From an entrepreneurial perspective, Collaborators do well within structured environments where a people element is a part of the success.

There is a difference between cold and warm market selling. Generalists are better at cold selling where you get on the phone and "dial for dollars," or hit the streets to look for business. Warm market selling takes place when the prospect contacts you based upon an ad or letter. Once the phone rings, a Collaborator can take it from there and do a great job.


Diplomats are Specialists who are restless and enjoy working with a certain degree of pressure. They get things done quickly and work well with deadlines. They adjust well to change and deal well with new situations. They have a high sense of urgency and like variety. Because their compliance is high, they need to do things right and can work at full capacity.

Diplomats are adept at multi-tasking and keeping a variety of jobs going at once. They are active and energetic, and vigorously attack things that they enjoy. They can have problems delegating details, but do a great job when they can do it themselves.

Diplomats are considered by many to make good Specialist entrepreneurs, as they have both sociability and drive in their personalities, which are two important elements of success. While Diplomats are not the best rainmakers, once they have a client, they do a great job keeping them.

Diplomats excel in retail or other people-oriented environments. Their one weakness is that they tend not to assert themselves or hold others accountable when they should. So they do best when they have partners or employees who have stronger, more results-oriented personalities.