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Getting The People Side Of Business Right!


Objective measurement using powerful assessment tools is the basis of any successful talent management initiative. The Predictive Index, a toolset for measuring the behavioral requirements of every position, the potential fit of any candidate, and coaching tools for promotion and retention of your most valued employees.


Employees are your strongest competitive advantage. Their success depends on the strength of your leadership team. Using objective feedback from The Predictive Index as well as a 360° Leadership Evaluation and an Executive Coaching and Teambuilding tools. We help build on strengths and identify areas of development for your employees at all levels of the organization.



When the recession ends, and it will, 71% of those employed under the age of 40 will look for new jobs. That percentage drops to 40% for those older than 40. Take active steps to engage your employees and enter the recovery with a committed and inspired workforce. The economic downturn may have affected the way employees feel engaged about their jobs and their employers. It is critically important to understand the level of engagement within your organization.

ACCORD will work with your organization to:

  • Design a survey specific to your organization’s needs

  • Execute the survey ensuring complete anonymity throughout your organization

  • Analyze the results to uncover areas of opportunity to re-engage your people

  • Create an actionable plan to ensure that employees know their voices are heard and their input valued

"Of Course training is important. If you train your employees the worst thing that will happen is they will leave. If you don't train them the worst thing that will happen is they will stay. Think about it..."

Bill Wagner - CEO Accord Management Systems.


ACCORD is unique in its integrated approach to talent management, providing support for strategic initiatives and all from an objective behavioral perspective. From executive development, succession planning, employee engagement, leadership development to tactical efforts in employee selection, promotion and retention. Our expert consultants bring a wealth of business experience and understand the issues leaders encounter. Our world class assessment tools provide objective measurements for making informed decisions to help you get the people side of business right!