Leadership Development

360° Leadership Survey

Effective leadership & leadership development is the foundation of both growth and profitability. Without effective leadership, organizations may fail to realize their greatest potential, profitability and competitive advantage.

The Business Need

There is a direct relationship between one's personality & their leadership strength or challenges.

The 360° Leadership Survey has long been recognized as an accurate and impactful way of assessing a person’s strengths and developmental needs. This multi-rater feedback process allows you to rate yourself and receive a broader view of your capabilities from multiple perspectives of individuals in different positions. The survey can be used for individual development, team development and assessment of your leadership team.

What Do 360° Leadership Surveys Measure?

360° are typically reserved only for those at the executove level. We offer 4 different types: Executive, Manager, Supervisor and Contributor. Our various 360° assessments describe how others observe us in the workplace. Participants in a 360° leadership survey include: Self, Manager(s), Peers and Direct Reports.

The 360° survey measures 7 core competencies that make for great leaders:

  • Visioning and strategic focus

  • Building high performing teams

  • Driving for results

  • Acquiring and developing outstanding people

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Leading/managing change

  • Leading through personal excellence

Leadership Development

Leadership is defined as the ability to establish direction – develop a vision of the future with properly defined strategies needed to achieve this vision. ACCORD’s integrated approach provides leaders the opportunity to identify their strengths and opportunities for improvement to develop measurable action plans as they strive for continuous self-development. One’s personality has a greater effect on our ability to lead than do education, experience and skills.

At ACCORD we understand the importance of effective leadership. We help business leaders develop better skills and abilities to achieve their vision .