Go - Getters

Seven Broad Personality Types

Go-Getters are Generalists with a higher-than-average level of both dominance and sociability. While they are also very driven, independent, and competitive, their drive to succeed is sometimes tempered by their interest in and concern for others. Go-Getters represent the largest percentage of business founders. They have a natural style that lends itself for managing and leading both process and people.
Since Go-Getters are good leaders and managers, they work well in ambitious yet ambiguous environments. They can invest in, buy or start a business that is totally new, and still make a go of it. They do not need to be an expert in the field to do well. They are good collaborators and learn as they go.

What Is Your Business Personality?

1. Trailblazers
2. Go-Getters
3. Managers
4. Motivators
5. Authorities
6. Collaborators
7. Diplomats