What is an employee assessment?

An employee assessment is a process used to assess whether an employee is a good fit for a specific job. In conducting an assessment, typically you first create a behavioral profile of the job, and then do behavioral profiles of the candidates to determine the one who is best suited for the position.

What's involved with using an employee assessment?

The first step is to have key employees complete a job survey that identifies the behavioral requirement for the job. The next step is to have each of your candidates complete a behavioral profile survey, we can then match the personality of the applicants to the job.

What is a job survey and when should you use it?

A job survey is used to define the ideal behaviors required for a specific position. You frequently have several people that know and understand the position to complete the Job Survey and create a benchmark for the position. You may use this benchmark to determine the gap that exists between the perceptions of the management versus the incumbent's perception. The Job Survey is used when hiring new employees or when promoting an existing employee to a new position.

What is a behavioral profile survey?

A behavioral profile survey measures the various elements of personality based upon a defined scale. Accord uses a survey that measures personality based upon four scales: Dominance, Sociability, Relaxation, and Compliance (DSRC).

What do you get when you complete a behavioral profile survey?

Our survey generates a series of reports that detail your personality. The reports includes a graph that identifies your temperament/behavior pattern; an interpretation report that explores the potential assets one brings to a job, along with possible areas of development/concern, and with an indication of how you are adjusting to your existing situation; a leadership profile that discusses likely behavior in a leadership position; a selling style report; behaviorally-based questions to use during an interview; and five reports to be used by a direct manager that includes management/coaching tips.

Do employee assessments really work?

They absolutely do work. If you're using personality survey validated by more than 100,000 samples, like the one we use, they should be 85 to 90 percent accurate. Please note that it's not enough to have the prospects take a survey. It should be part of an organized process in which the profile is matched to a specific job survey, and the profile is supported by a series of reports that help interpret how that specific person will fit within your business.

When should you use an employee assessment?

There are three primary uses for employee assessments: when hiring new employees, when promoting an existing employee, or when helping employees improve their performance.

What is an employee engagement survey?

It is a formal survey that is given to employees that queries how well they think the organization is performing, and what can be done within their specific environment, such as a work group, to make it function better. Engaged employees perform at higher levels and are more loyal. In essence the results of an engagement survey will measure your company’s level of organizational health or dysfunction.

What does an engagement survey really tell us?

Engagement surveys tell us whether your employees are actively engaged by their jobs, meaning that they have an emotional connection to doing their job well. They also tell us specific steps that can be taken to improve their jobs, and the productivity of your organization as it related to their workgroup.

What's involved in designing an employee engagement survey?

The surveys are best designed by corporate leader and by the managers directly responsible for the employees being surveyed. When designing a survey, senior management should take into consideration how the survey results will be communicated. Surveys can be customized and results can be sorted by question, demographic or level within the organization. Accord’s organizational experts will work with your organization to determine the best possible way to communicate the survey results and how to implement action plans for change.

Do employee engagement surveys really work?

Absolutely!, as long as you're prepared to implement the results. Studies have shown remarkable improvements in productivity when employees see that management listens to them and works towards implementing their suggestions.