Seven Broad Personality Types

Diplomats are Specialists who are restless and enjoy working with a certain degree of pressure. They get things done quickly and work well with deadlines. They adjust well to change and deal well with new situations. They have a high sense of urgency and like variety. Because their compliance is high, they need to do things right and can work at full capacity.

Diplomats are adept at multi-tasking and keeping a variety of jobs going at once. They are active and energetic, and vigorously attack things that they enjoy. They can have problems delegating details, but do a great job when they can do it themselves.

Diplomats are considered by many to make good Specialist entrepreneurs, as they have both sociability and drive in their personalities, which are two important elements of success. While Diplomats are not the best rainmakers, once they have a client, they do a great job keeping them.

Diplomats excel in retail or other people-oriented environments. Their one weakness is that they tend not to assert themselves or hold others accountable when they should. So they do best when they have partners or employees who have stronger, more results-oriented personalities.

What Is Your Business Personality?

1. Trailblazers
2. Go-Getters
3. Managers
4. Motivators
5. Authorities
6. Collaborators
7. Diplomats