Seven Broad Personality Types

Collaborators are Authorities who have a personality gift called sociability. While Authorities frequently are introverts, Collaborators are all about the people side of the business. When owning a business, Collaborators frequently benefit from having a partner who is more aggressive about developing new business. Collaborators are not usually comfortable with cold-calling or pitching new ideas. They like to follow prescribed rules and guidelines.

Collaborators excel at running customer service-oriented or retail businesses or operations, or any business where being convincing is an important aspect of getting the job done and done right. From an entrepreneurial perspective, Collaborators do well within structured environments where a people element is a part of the success.

There is a difference between cold and warm market selling. Generalists are better at cold selling where you get on the phone and "dial for dollars," or hit the streets to look for business. Warm market selling takes place when the prospect contacts you based upon an ad or letter. Once the phone rings, a Collaborator can take it from there and do a great job.

What Is Your Business Personality?

1. Trailblazers
2. Go-Getters
3. Managers
4. Motivators
5. Authorities
6. Collaborators
7. Diplomats