Seven Broad Personality Types

Authorities are the backbone of our society. They are Specialists who are the loyal workers who make our world work. They make our products, service our systems, and always do it right. Authorities may not always be the founders of a business, but they often make excellent distributors, franchisees or owners of an existing business. They can do very well purchasing an on-going business.

Authorities are detail and tactically oriented, and are motivated by doing things one way -- the right way. They are very conscientious and cooperative, and follow rules, procedures, and policies carefully. Very thorough with details, they are cautious, deliberate, logical, and analytical. They make decisions based upon facts and figures, rather than on emotions or gut reactions. They are also relaxed, patient, and accommodating by nature, and are great team players who tend to avoid confrontation.

While Authorities can do great in business, they do best when they run the operations and have a partner who handles sales and marketing. Because they have a good ability to follow directions, they can even be a good franchise owner, especially if they have a good blueprint for sales and marketing.

What Is Your Business Personality?

1. Trailblazers
2. Go-Getters
3. Managers
4. Motivators
5. Authorities
6. Collaborators
7. Diplomats