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ACCORD MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS, INC. is a behavioral management consultancy specializing in an integrated approach to HR. From selection to succession, our company offers a series of interrelated surveys, assessments and services designed to improve employee selection, performance and ultimately bottom line results.
Since 1995, ACCORD's goal is to assist companies building a strong model of behavioral predictability, the framework to gain a clear view of the workplace to manage and develop your greatest asset, your employees. Our clients range from small companies to companies with thousands of employees, representing a diverse range of industries from manufacturing, healthcare, services, retail, franchisors and associations.

ACCORD Provides Individualized 'How To' Action Plans To:


As an ACCORD client, you gain a comprehensive approach to organizational development. Our behavioral consultants know what it takes to run a company and will work with you to discover and address issues that are impacting the people side of your business. We provide an integrated approach to Human Resources - from tactical applications such as employee selection to more strategic initiatives involving leadership development and succession planning, we will work with you to design a program that will create lasting change and long-term benefits for your organization.

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