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Bill Wagner, CEO, CSP and Certified EOS Implementer

As part of Bill’s resume, he has successfully started, led and sold three entrepreneurial endeavors. He knows and understands business; first as a student, then as a purveyor and finally as a teacher.

He is the author of “The Entrepreneur Next Door,” published by Entrepreneur Media. As part of his research, more than 1,500 successful entrepreneurs were surveyed. They were all under the age of 40 and had sales greater than $1MM. This is a seminal work that proves the relationship between personality and success. He is under contract for a second book on Entrepreneurs to be published for College and MBA students, due out in 2015. Unlike most authors Bill has successfully lived his work and has the ability to teach it to others.

Bill is a sought after implementer, speaker and author. Since 1995, he has presented to more than 500 CEO peer to peer groups consisting of members of The Entrepreneurs Organization, Young Presidents Organization, TEC and Vistage. He was named the Vistage Speaker of the Year for going Above and Beyond.

In his capacity of CEO of Accord Management Systems his firm has supported the growth of hundreds of entrepreneurial endeavors. Several of those benefitting from their relationship with Bill are fast growth companies such as BrightStar, SportClips, FASTSIGNS, ValPak, Charles Schwab, Midas and The Little Gym to name a few. Bill also holds the highest level of certification recognized world-wide by the speaking industry, the Certified Speaking Professional.

He is a perfect choice as an implementer because he has 15 years of experience in organizational and leadership development. When it comes to understanding entrepreneurs and their challenges he not only gets it but has a way of helping others gain or regain their own traction.

For nearly twenty years, Bill Wagner has been at the forefront of leadership and entrepreneurial practice as a consultant, presenter and author. His speaking engagements place him in front of thousands of leaders each year. His audiences include entrepreneurs, executives and managers. They are often times members of organizations such as Vistage, The Executive Committee (TEC), Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO), International Franchise Association (IFA) and other CEO peer to peer groups. Bill’s most recent book, “The Entrepreneur Next Door,” contains research conducted on over 1,500 entrepreneurs. In this study, Bill benchmarks personality, emotional intelligence and brain dominance, allowing him to measure the gap between “Who we are” versus “Who we need to be” to get the job done. Bill’s company, ACCORD MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS, INC., is actively involved in the franchise community, helping over 50 major brands select the right franchisee. He rocks the boat and tells the truth, helping clients become their own organizational therapist. One of the unique benefits of Bill’s presentation is his invitation to attendees to go online and complete their own behavioral assessment. This concept drives value for both his presentation as well as the attendee’s organization.


Unlike other organizational specialists, Bill focuses on using metrics from a strategic perspective to maximize results. He is one of the most in-demand authorities on the subject today. Widely published and critically acclaimed, Bill's articles and interviews have appeared in publications such as, The Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur Magazine, INC Magazine, California CEO Magazine, Workforce Magazine, Wells Fargo's Business Advisor, Lodging and Hospitality, Federal Credit Union, Los Angeles Business Journal, Franchise World and YEO's Axis Magazine.

Most Requested Topics Include:

The Entrepreneur Next Door: The “How To” in creating an entrepreneurial organization.

Mastering the Gap: Rarely are we the perfect fit for our positions. Learn to manage the gap between who we are and who we need to be to get the job done.

Strategic Side of HR: Human Resources as a strategic partner to the “C Level.”

It's All About Metrics: Measure, manage, and motivate your employees to drive productivity and profits. If you can't measure it, you can't manage it.

Create An All-Star Team: Focus on the best step-by-step predictors for smart team selection, succession and retention.

The Art of Behavioral Communication: Identify which of the 8 personality types you are. Determine the communication and problem-solving characteristics you need to take your management to the next level.

Developing an Engaged Workforce: Engaged employees are 3 to 4 times more profitable than their disengaged colleagues. Attendees learn how to measure engagement and drive results.

Individualized Programs: Presentations, Retreats, Executive Briefings are customized for your organization or event.

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