An Integrated Approach to HR

Talent and Performance Management Training is one of the critical processes that are often overlooked. Unlike other organizational specialists, ACCORD focuses exclusively on using metrics from a strategic perspective to maximize results. All of our training programs are individualized to meet our client’s needs and can be conducted at various levels within any organization. Please contact one of our organizational experts to help improve your ROI.


Custom designed programs where we focus on your executive team. You establish the goals for the meeting (i.e. interventions, bench strength analysis, establishing trust, getting to know one another better, communication enhancement, accountabilities and key indicators, etc.) and we provide the platform to accomplish those goals. Each attendee receives a personalized action plan of behavioral self development. Our goal is for each attendee to leave with an increased level of self awareness as well as a better understanding of team dynamics and to better align self interest with company interest.


An integral element to the successful implementation of The Predictive Index is Mastering the Gap. This strategic training takes our Executive Briefing to the next level. Develop a heightened understanding of psychometrics, benchmarking of positions, the selection process, succession and development for your executive team. As a part of this program attendees will have the scored results of their direct reports thereby being able to determine their behavioral strengths, developmental considerations and job fit. Attendees leave with a strong behavioral action plan for themselves as well as their direct reports. This is integrated into your Executive Briefing.


A more specialized understanding and training for your HR professionals and those responsible for the successful implementation of The Predictive Index. Benchmarks are established for all positions via The Predictive Index Job Survey and attendees develop a keen understanding of interpretation of The Predictive Index behavioral Survey. We also provide an operationally focused hands-on training that is designed for each individual work group; i.e. plant managers, sales managers, operational managers, etc. This program provides a strong foundation as to the use of psychometrics and then focuses on specific areas of responsibility; recruitment, selection, succession, interviewing, reviews, interventions and promotions to name a few.


The ACCORD Talent Triage program takes a look at the level of your organizational health or dysfunction. Throughout this process you will survey all employees and their positions. Our goal is to look at each position in the company and leave you with a sense as to which employees are in the right positions. You already know who you have issues with. This program helps you understand why the issues exist, what you can do and how to go about it. Each supervisor and manager receives a strong behavioral action plan for each of their employees.


ACCORD Clients are entitled to unlimited consulting. Clients typically speak with our specialist more during the first year than subsequent years as users are learning and developing their own interpretation skills. Our Annual Membership service also includes complimentary Job Surveys. We're with you all the way in your search to get the right people on the bus. Please contact us to learn more about getting the people side of business right.
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